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Why Do I Need a Preventative Maintenance Plan?

To describe the LCC

People often ask us, what exactly is the Long Comfort Club? To put it simply, it’s an annual maintenance plan for your heating and air conditioning. We come out twice a year and make sure your unit is running efficiently, we replace your filters, and you get special benefits like Saturday service, discounts, a reduced diagnostic fee and a lot more things, all of which you can read about here.

The preventative maintenance plan is in place to make sure routine maintenance is performed on your unit  – this helps proactively diagnose any potential issues, much like getting an annual physical at your doctor’s office. It’s also great to have this in place for your home warranty company – some require you to show proof of annual preventative maintenance in order to pay out on any claims in your contract.

Call us today at 864-213-9899 and let us give you the peace of mind that lasts all year long. We can sign you up over the phone, get your first appointment scheduled, and offer you three easy payment options to choose from, all in less than five minutes.

It’s a choice for your home comfort and protection that you won’t regret!

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