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Better Indoor Air Quality in Greenville, South Carolina

At Long Heating & Air, we’re always looking for ways to help you improve the quality of life you experience in your homes, at your business, and everywhere else you spend time indoors. Ions are essential to the natural process of air purification and essential to healthy living. Phenomenal Aire is one of the most advanced technologies available to make your air cleaner and more breathable. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside our homes, schools and offices is often two to five times more polluted than the outside air. These low ion environments can contribute to fatigue, breathing issues and overall health issues. At Long Heating & Air, we strive to keep your family and your home safe and healthy.

Why Phenomenal Aire?

Phenomenal Aire is not just an air filter, it is a state-of-the-art air purification system which cleans your indoor air safely and naturally. Phenomenal Aire system allows for unwanted airborne particles to be broken down and efficiently filtered by your existing HVAC system. This results in a drastic increase in indoor air quality. Whether it’s reducing the allergens in your home, protecting your family against viruses, or just simply maintaining healthy air quality, it’s an investment in your health that you’ll immediately feel the benefits of.

Series R Cold Plasma Generator

Benefits of Phenomenal Aire purifiers:

  • Natural, safe air purification
  • Protects from cold and flu viruses
  • Kills airborne viruses and bacteria
  • No detectable traces of ozone from use
  • Can increase energy efficiency
  • Breaks down VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Eliminates odors
  • Kills mold and fungus
  • Eliminates allergens
  • Reduces static electricity

Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration systems are important for every household, as they help to ensure your home is free from solid particulates such as dust, mold and bacteria that can affect your home’s comfort and environment.

Duct Repairs And Replacements

Our team is committed to keeping your system running smoothly through professional and experienced duct maintenance and repairs that will help ensure your home’s comfort level is always at its best.

Air Quality Improvements

Keeping you and your family healthy is a top concern for our team, which is why we offer air quality improvement services that help keep the air within your home as pure and clear as possible.



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    — George

  • "Long heating and air had always been a reliable source for providing resolutions for issues I wasn't able to fix. Their technicians are knowledgeable and professional. They don't try to sell you on unnecessary repairs. Show up on time and communicate with you about the problems. Highly recommend"

    — Gary

  • "The technician with Long Heating and Air Conditioning came to our house to work on an airflow problem. He was professional and did a great job explaining our options. We are very pleased with the work he did and plan to use Long in the future!"

    — Leslie

  • "Love the company! I had an appointment for a later date and they made a way to come see me earlier. Accommodating my family and I so we could beat this heat in the middle of summer. Thank you so much for your great service. My family and I was happy, cool and comfortable again."

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