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The Season of Giving

As we come off the food coma that was Thanksgiving and head into the giving season of Christmas, it’s really got me thinking, what am I most thankful for? And, how can I give more to others?

When asked what we are thankful for, most of us would quickly say our families, our job, friends and neighbors. Maybe it’s our church or a good report from the doctor. But, often, it’s the things we take for granted that can go unrecognized like our home, food to eat, and clothes for our family.

Unfortunately, there are so many in our community who are without these basic items every day. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, there are nearly 4000 people in our state alone without a home and the basic necessities.

A few years ago we became acquainted with an organization in our community that helps the homeless in the Upstate of South Carolina and as an organization we began to seek ways we could help them. The Lot Project is located in Anderson, South Carolina and gives those in our community who are in need a safe place to receive food, clothing, and personal care items. I really hope you will check out their website and see how you can give to this incredible ministry. They accept donations, but also love to have volunteers!

Now, how can we all give more to others? I know, I know, we’re all busy, how can we possibly add one more thing to our plates during this holiday season? Trust me I (and you) CAN. All we have to do is be intentional about looking out for others, offering a helping hand, and giving even when we think we have nothing to give.

We all have something to give. Maybe it will be a kind gesture. Maybe it will be dropping a meal off to someone at the red light who is standing in traffic. Or, maybe it’s through an organization like The Lot Project. Wherever and whenever you see a need, don’t wait for someone else to step in. Be that person who steps up to make a difference.

I can promise that you, and they, won’t regret it.


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